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Effective leaders...

...understand the call from Scripture and learn to obey God’s Word. REGISTER

Effective leaders...

...give a biblical approach to applying what God has called them to do. REGISTER

Our Mission

Safe Haven's mission is to bring order into individual lives, families, civil governments, and economies by transforming cities, societies, and nations by the foundation of the Word of God, the powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit, and by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Safe Haven International Ministries, in accordance with our Core Values, is called to assist individuals to fulfill the call of God upon their lives. As such, we provide teachings, seminars, and conferences to stir up the Body of Christ who are called by the Holy Spirit to transform their communities. Safe Haven International Ministries has a three-fold mandate:

  • Safe Haven Equipping Center trains, equips, and releases apostolic leaders through teaching, mentorship, prayer, and deliverance.
  • Safe Haven Prayer Clinic raises up apostolic intercessory teams equipped with weapons of mass destruction (WOMD) to transform cities, regions, and nations.
  • Safe Haven Prayer Counseling brings forth healing, restoration, and reformation to the spirit, soul, and body.

SafeHaven Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization.
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Posted on OCTOBER 12, 2016


Equipping Leaders to Transform and Empower Nations, Regions, and Society

Our diversity team has specifically designed this program to:

  • Develop the characteristics of an effective leader, by understanding the primary call from Scripture, and learning to hear and obey God’s Word.